Testimonials for Geoff Jarman

The following testimonials for Geoff Jarman were written by some of his happy sellers and buyers. They have all been kind enough to give him permission to show you their correspondence. Their letters and words are very gratifying. It seems that Geoff’s down-to-earth and honest approach has earned him many friends – He thinks this is fantastic!

Comments from Some of Our Satisfied Clients!

Jan 2022

Geoff and his team were professional and trustworthy. They maintained a calm and rational approach to the selling of our townhouse on busy Edmonds in Burnaby and buying our detached house on a quiet street in New Westminster. When I became nervous that our townhouse wouldn’t sell after one week, Geoff was amazingly supportive and patient. The house sold a week after for near asking price. At the same time, Geoff and his team patiently showed us all the houses we wanted to see – and there were many! They offered us excellent advice about how to view our potential new home from fundamentally important aspects such as looking at the foundation to considering resale in the future to recognizing the curb appeal. We went from liking everything we saw (because we had no idea what we’re looking for) to scrutinizing all the right things to find our perfect home. When we made our first bid and lost, Geoff offered us kindness and empathy. What struck me the most was how much he looked out for us. After learning what the house sold for, Geoff said he would not have let us pay that much. Of course he would, but Geoff made it clear why that the excessive bid that won was not the right approach for us. Also, Geoff has so many connections and relationships that made our moving process a breeze. Once we found our dream home, Geoff pulled all the stops and in this competitive market – we got it!!
Thank you Geoff, Sue-Jean, Ta and Shelly! We love our forever home so much!!
Karen P



Dec 2021 

I was impressed by the competent service provided by Geoff and his team which required only minimal work on my part

Wolfgang H


August 2021

This is the 2nd time I have used Geoff, almost 10 years apart, from the first time. Geoff and his team, Sue-Jean and Shelly, made everything so easy and navigated me through the whole process. Geoff’s honesty and professionalism is what makes him a great person to work with. I can’t say enough about he and his team.
Colleen G

Dec 2020

Geoff, Sue-Jean, Shelly and Aruna are a fantastic team. We were new to Vancouver and they gave us a thorough rundown of the city and all its neighbourhoods to help us find the perfect home in a location that fit our needs. The team did not hesitate to share their expertise and take the extra time to familiarize us with the Vancouver market as both first time home buyers and newcomers to Vancouver. They worked with integrity and were friendly, patient, professional and highly knowledgeable. We absolutely recommend this team!
Matt and Ellen

Nov 2020

Hi Sue-Jean,

Thanks to all ‘The Team’ for guiding and walking with us through the highs and lows.
It really makes a big difference when you have a team of professionals. With great respect my family would like to thank you all.

Lito & Peachy

Jan 2020

When it comes down to price negotiation, Geoff’s skills and experience are solid. With his passion of negotiation, I can definitely count on him to get the best price out of the market.

Dec 2019

I just wanted to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for the pleasure of working with you. As I had said at the outset, the last time I was involved in the purchase of a home was 40 years ago. So, this new challenge of a home sale and a condo purchase was truly overwhelming for me. Your contacts for financial and legal paperwork were as thorough and helpful as all of you. I have been in my condo for 10 days now and still can’t believe everything is done. What a gift! Putting my home on the market, selling it, finding a condo, buying it and negotiating the dates to omit interim financing exceeded my expectations for sure. I would not hesitate to recommend your group.

Again, thank you all and I wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year.

Best Regards,
I. F.

Nov 2019


Nice doing business with you. I am especially grateful for the professional way you handled the GST situation.

Regards, Ali Asi, Ph.D.
Royalty Group Realty
Ali Asi, Ph.D. Royalty Group Realty

Nov 2019

Hi Geoff,

The Subject removal is attached. Thank you for your assistance throughout this deal. Your professionalism is a treasure to the industry.

Fay Tsai,
Royal Pacific Realty
Fay Tsai, Royal Pacific Realty

Sept 2019

We would like to thank Geoff and his team for helping us navigate through this difficult market and achieve the ultimate goal – selling our house.

Geoff came and diligently observed/reviewed our house and formed a price based on his market knowledge and thorough analysis of the assets of our home (view, condition, renovations done, …), and not just the assessed value.

Geoff and his team created outstanding brochure that described our property down to a minute detail.
This material was then directed through Geoff’s marketing channels leading to a lot of interest, many private viewings (open house is not Geoff’s modus operandi), multiple offers (2), and finally a simple message on the phone that said – SOLD!
Process was much more challenging than described above, hence Geoff’s guidance was essential and necessary to reach success.

Geoff, thank you so much for everything you have done.

Sasa & Anna

August 2019


I wanted to thank you for being there for us through a difficult market and selling our home. Obviously, prices took a bit of a haircut this year, but I appreciate your contact with us, the work you did to make things right with the home, and the effort you put into all the showings and finding the right buyers.

Also, I wanted to thank you for recommending Dave to us (Our Edmonton Realtor). He and his partner Maria are a fantastic team that made this process incredibly easy, relieving a lot of our anxiety. They were very responsive, answered our questions promptly, even when we peppered them with questions late at night. Viewings were always easy to set up, and each time they were very well informed on the property.

Dave has a confidence about him that relieves a lot of anxiety, which really helps when you’re about to throw your life savings into a home! I felt great working with both Dave and Maria and would happily do so again. If you have any more clients moving to Edmonton, then I’d suggest referring Dave again!
If you’re ever in Edmonton, you would be welcome to come by and see our home.

Thanks again!

July 2018

Hello Shelly & Geoff,

Perry & I wanted to thank you for your fantastic help with this venture. We will recommend you whenever we can!

Sean and Perry

July 2018

I would like to thank Geoff and everyone in his team for doing amazing job in selling my condo. He was always able to answer my questions with confidence and I could just let him and his professional team take care of everything. The outcome was more than I could have hoped for!

Thank you!
Y. S.

June 2018

Thank you Geoff for everything you have done for us.

Indeed it was a pleasure working with you. Actually, both of us Alex and I liked you on personal level as well as professional. Sure your professionalism proved to be superior and your ability to make jokes and be firm in a process could have saved us from some upsets.

And many thanks to your team – invisible and helpful. We wish you good luck in business and life.

Alex and Goulsoum
Alex and Goulsoum

March 2018

Champagne and caviar time the deal is finally done !!

Thank you Geoff and Sue-Jean, your diligence and professionalism is greatly appreciated, together we achieved a great result. Couldn’t have done it without you, nice work.

John Waring

March 2018

I just want to take a moment to congratulate Geoff on achieving the President’s Club Top 1% of Realtors in Greater Vancouver!!!

It made my day yesterday, when I was reading the Vancouver Sun, March 17, 2018 edition, and came upon Geoff’s picture on page E6, acknowledging this truly impressive result.
My husband, Chris, perhaps said it best when he asked “how can he be giving you guys so much time and still get those results?” I think he kind-of answered his own question.

Congratulations Geoff. I appreciate all your help so far, very much.

Kind regards,
Catherine R

Oct 2017

For the longest time we held back selling our condo because there were lots of unknown with the market and how to sell our place. However, with our family growing we were pushed to move to a bigger home. With all these questions, and we had many, my wife and I realized that we needed help. That’s where I’m so grateful for contacting Geoff Jarman, and in the end he helped us sell our condo quickly and to our pleasant surprise way above asking price.

When I first met Geoff he really took the time to listen to our family situation, and he offered great advice. With his advice we were able to move into our new home, and prepare our condo for the sale. I’m not an expert in real estate, and with Geoff you get his excellent knowledge of the Burnaby area, negotiating skill, and he research our neighborhood to determine a selling price. His expertise and getting our condo exposed using many digital media was really impressive. In addition, you are not only getting Geoff’s expert guidance but his team, namely Sue-Jean, ensures the process moves as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend Geoff Jarman and his team enthusiastically to my friends and family, and I’m extremely satisfied in choosing Geoff – it was one of my best decisions I’ve made for such as big transaction in our life!

All the best, and thank you again for all your help!
Kaz S

June 2016


First of all, thank you and your team members, Shelly and Sue-Jean for job well done. The sale of my house went smoothly and the result is excellently good. You, Shelly and Sue-Jean coordinated very well. You and your team’s professionalism and efficiency is the number one in the real estate business. I am very glad that I have you as my agent and friend.

Wishing you have a good night.

Judy Shiah

May 2016

Good afternoon,
Thank you for sending the copy and thank you all very much for your effort in selling the condo. Ashley and I were very happy with the process and also very happy with the outcome!

Best regards,
Andrew Reid

March 2015

Dear Shelly and Geoff

On behalf of the inpatients and their families at St Paul’s we are writing to thank you for providing (and dropping off) calendars. For many of the patients this is a very helpful (yet simple) resource!
Wishing you both a great 2015.

Nancy H
Roberta B
Nancy H and Roberta B. from St. Paul’s Hospital

September 2013

Hi Geoff,
Thanks for all your hard work in making this deal possible.
Your effort is much appreciated. As Surinder says you have proven that you are a great “negotiator”.
Bal and Surinder
Surinder and Baljeet Senghera

June 2013

Hi Geoff. Many thanks for a very successful sale of our property. We are delighted with the way things went. We are now back from Kelowna and are proceeding with a new property purchase on the basis of our condo sale….

Many thanks again.
John & Kate
John and Kate Fawcett

June 2013

Hi Geoff:
It was a pleasure working with you. I am glad every thing went quick and smooth. Thank you and your team for executing it well.
Karim Bandeali M.B.A.
Karim Bandeali
Hi Geoff, Sandy here.

I just wanted to say Thank You So Much! for everything you did in selling Norma’s place. I would like to say again that Barry and I were very happy with the way you handled the whole process. We will be conacting you again when our mom’s house is up for sale in the next couple of years. I was surprised at how suddenly everything just ended. I was expecting to see you again at some point before that time and then it was just done. So, I just wanted to do this final closure on my part and thank you for everything one last time.

Take care and Cheers, Sincerely, Sandy
Sandy B.
Sandy & Barry
Hi Geoff,
That is FANTASTIC NEWS! I Thank you very much for your continued efforts to help us sell the place. I am very happy that this process has reached a conclusion….

Sincerely, Sandy B
Joan Shepperd
Joan Shepperd
Hi Geoff.
Yes it looks like we have a solid deal. Yahoo! No need to thank me for sticking with you as I knew you were working my listing hard and I do appreciate it. It is a funny market right now and I am just glad I now get to move on with the next stage of my life.

You have a great team and I won’t hesitate to recommend you.

Thanks again
Joan Shepperd
Good Morning Geoff,
Mark and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your skillfull work on selling out home! We feel fortunate to have engaged you and your knowledge; and we are thrilled! Also please thank your “team” (esp. Sue Jean).

Shelly and Mark Lane
Shelly and Mark Lane
Hi Geoff,
Thanks so much for your guidance and excellent work in selling our father’s family home! We appreciated your innovated marketing strategy and added
value. Just one more hurdle … get that tank out / clean the soil and we are “home free”.

Angela Maeda
Angela Maeda
Everybody that we have spoken to on the street is very impressed with the results of our sale. We have been telling everyone that we believe it was your skill as a negotiator which allowed us to realize over a million in this more balanced market.
Charles and Joe
Thank you for your handling of our deal. Your assistance helped to make this transaction go smoothly and promptly
Mark W
Hi Geoff,
Another neighbour is to the point where the kids are going to sell the house. I have provided the daughter with your contact information…..”
“Thanks again, and I have no hesitation to recommend you to my contacts in Burnaby.”
Dorothy S
From the moment Geoff took the listing, he had a plan. He explained the strategy for setting the price and showings in clear detail. He stuck to the strategy and the house sold in a matter of days, with only one day’s showing and at well above asking price. Despite an uncomfortable selling situation, he was pleasant and professional throughout. I feel his expertise was key to making this the most hassle-free and profitable experience possible. He also handled my subsequent purchase with a repeat of the positive experience. I felt no pressure to settle for something just to close a deal. Sue-Jean was also great arranging showings with little notice, again with no pressure. All details were handled promptly and pleasantly. This was my 4th buy/selling experience and was by far the best. I would not hesitate to recommend Geoff to anyone buying or selling!
Thanks very much, Shelly. I really appreciate how you talked with me when I was worried and I was also impressed with your communication style as you seem to have a way of providing context in addition to the basic facts/information. I remember you saying that Monday, “your place is the hot tamale today.” Turns out you were right! We are happy to be moving forward with our plans and its great not having to be in limbo any more. However, we will miss our house as we enjoyed many wonderful times here.
We want to thank Geoff Jarman and his crew for their persistence in finding us a home. We were new to the market and didn’t have a lavish budget and this is why it took us 1 full year to purchase a home. Always Geoff let us make the final decision but laid out the pros and cons on different properties. We wanted a home and a neighbourhood that would be great for our growing family. Geoff educated us and emphasized the importance of good resale features. Although there we temptations to get into a house as fast as we could, Geoff would put our heads back on straight for us and tell us why a house would or would not be a perfect fit for us.

In the end we are in a home that we are proud of and in a neighbourhood that is great for young families. We are happy with his negotiation skills and more impressed at the time he, and his and his assistant Shelly, set aside just for us. There was never any pressure by him to ‘buy now’ and because of that we made the best decisions with no additional pressure from the realtor.
We would recommend Geoff Jarman to anyone looking for a home, but more importantly someone who wants to make the best decision for a home that fits their family and one that will be easy to sell if needed.

Thanks again Geoff, Shelly and Crew!
Tyliakos Family
Hi Shelly,
Can you believe we finally made a decision to get a place?? Hurray! Thank you for your hard work and patience. I have to say that Sue-Jean was awesome. She was totally on the ball with the paperwork, getting our questions answered promptly during the holidays while Geoff was away.
Dear Geoff,
We wanted to thank you so much for all your help and hard work in helping us buy our first place. The whole process has gone so smoothly and we are very grateful for your negotiating skills. We also appreciated how quick you were at getting back to us all the time. You run a very tight ship and we’ve been telling our friends about our amazing realtor. We learned a lot from you. We hope you and your family enjoy this little gift. You’ve been a real blessing to us!
Alison and Joel
I trusted you 100% because you’re the most prolific agent in Oaklands, and you can put that in the testimonial section on your website! I love my home and letting it go with a $75,000 loss hurts deeply. I was hoping that you can help my wife and I with a bit of concession to lessen the pain because of the higher price and short marketing period, but in hindsight, we recognize your service have tremendous value. We will consider you for searching our next home in Burnaby.
Hi Shelly,
I am sincerely grateful for the efforts you’ve taken to provide me information. This is far above and beyond what any agent’s office has ever done for me yet….
Hi Shelly,
I should be thanking you. I was just thinking about it yesterday: you made the sale of the property such a smooth one for us and we were so glad about it, because we had quite a difficult time with my mom during that time. Thank you to you and Geoff.
Geoff was friendly and patient as my wife and I went through the long process of viewing houses and trying to find that one house that would meet all of our needs. Geoff was hardworking and professional while remaining open and understanding as we pondered the many possible options before us.”
“In summary, I give Geoff Jarman my highest recommendation. If anyone I know ever needs a real estate agent, I will recommend him without reservation
Randy Sitter
If all Realtors worked as hard and honestly for the benefit of their customers as Geoff has done for us, the Real Estate business would have a reformed reputation. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to you.
Dr. Adrian Wade
Prior to the listing for sale your proposal conatining your detailed market evaluation with supporting data, and sales proposed sales program combined with our knowledge of your personal integrity convinced us that we could trust you to successfully sell our home.

During the listing period your demonstrated conduct, care and attention to detail, and diligence on our behalf and toward the potential buyers in conjunction with a successful concurrent sales program was very helpful and much appreciated.
Gunner and Meriel Anderson
Geoff has put forth his utmost effort during the three months listing. We were very pleased to have this very professional yet very friendly relationship in such an important issue.
Pat Magnolo
Hi Shelly! Well it’s a big, relieving day! I want to say a huge thank-you from Ian and myself for everything you’ve done. This sale wouldn’t have happened without all your efforts… dealing with our horrible property manager, lending us keys in emergencies, detailed summaries of all the showings.
Thanks for the great job!
Karen & Ian