New Plaza: Burnaby Welcomes a Fresh European-Inspired Shopping Plaza

The Burnaby Big Bend neighborhood’s empty lot is about to transform into a vibrant community hub called Fountana Plaza.

Source: 604 Now

Fountana Plaza

Photo: Jordan Kutev Architect Inc.

Set at 5820 Marine Dr. (formerly Marine Pub), this three-story shopping complex will breathe life into the area, becoming an exciting addition to South Burnaby.

Fountana Plaza is designed to accommodate 8 retailers, 7 restaurants, and 18 office spaces, promising a dynamic blend of businesses.

Situated on Marine Drive, this plaza will offer easy access to street-level restaurants, providing a diverse array of culinary options within a spacious and inviting setting.

Drawing inspiration from European architecture, the plaza will showcase Roman stone pillars and charming exteriors. It’s thoughtfully equipped with an underground parking lot for the convenience of customers and businesses.

Fountana Plaza
Photo: Jordan Kutev Architect Inc.

At the heart of the plaza, a beautiful courtyard will be surrounded by terraced gardens, creating an inviting outdoor space for gatherings and relaxation.

The lower level will feature eight retail spaces, offering views of the terraced garden, while the top floor will house 18 office spaces.

Fountana Plaza is committed to sustainability, featuring Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across its two levels of underground parking.

The second floor is dedicated to seven restaurant spaces, boasting romantic architectural elements and modern amenities. Plans include a high-end restaurant aimed at attracting a diverse clientele.

The anticipated completion of this exciting development is set for 2025.

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