Greentree Village Townhomes, Houses and Condos

Greentree Village

Greentree Village is another great suburban neighborhood to raise a family but at much more affordable price. This is a neighborhood in South Burnaby that encompasses BCIT and Forest Lawn Memorial Park. It is bordered by Willingdon Ave, Canada Way, Deer Lake Pkwy and Royal Park Ave. The main residential area of Greentree Village was developed in the 1970’s as a planned community of detached homes on small lots and townhouses of varying sizes from 1 to 3-4 bedrooms on a 50 acre parcel of land to the east of BCIT. There is a smaller subdivision of detached homes outside of the planned community to the east.

Greentree Village offers detached houses and townhomes for sale and the detached houses in this area have averaged in lower sale prices than other similar neighborhoods in South Burnaby.

Properties in Greentree Village area

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