The proposed tower for 2211 and 2271 Rosser Ave. in Brentwood.Amacon Construction Ltd./y Chris Dikeakos Architects Inc./City of Burnaby

Proposed 61-Storey Highrise and Rental Project Set to Transform Burnaby’s Brentwood Town Centre

Proposed Highrise Tower to Bring Over 540 New Homes to Brentwood Town Centre, Burnaby

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The two proposed six-storey buildings for 5166 Halifax St. in Burnaby.

Source: Burnaby Now, City of Burnaby


In a significant development for Burnaby’s Brentwood Town Centre, Amacon Construction Ltd. has submitted a proposal for a 61-storey highrise tower at 2211 and 2271 Rosser Ave. in conjunction with a rental project at 5166 Halifax St.

This ambitious project is set to offer more than 540 new homes, in addition to a series of other exciting additions to the area.

The Rosser development is not limited to housing but also includes plans for a 172-room hotel, a restaurant, and commercial units along Dawson Street. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance the overall vibrancy of the high street and provide a unique offering to the community.

The residential component of the project is diverse and inclusive, comprising 442 market strata condos, 27 market rentals, 42 non-market rentals rented at 20 percent below Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.’s median rent, and 30 non-market units rented at the CMHC median. This mix of housing options caters to a wide range of residents.

The development is designed to provide an array of amenities for its future residents and hotel guests. These amenities include a gym, lounge spaces, meeting rooms, indoor workspace, and a hotel with access to meeting rooms, a gym, and an outdoor deck with a pool. The hotel restaurant will also feature an inviting outdoor patio for guests to enjoy.


The current site at 2211 and 2271 Rosser St. By Google Maps


One notable feature of the project is its forward-thinking approach to potential future developments. The design allows for the construction of a landscape-covered deck over the adjacent railway, providing an exciting prospect for the area’s development.

The development will ensure ample parking and bike storage, with more than 600 vehicle parking stalls and over 1,500 bike parking spaces to accommodate residents and guests.

The proposal also includes plans for an abutting city-owned lane, which is earmarked for closure under the Brentwood Town Centre plan. The city will bring forward a separate report on the land sale’s value for council consideration, and this sale is a crucial prerequisite for the Rosser development to move forward.

In addition to the highrise project, Amacon is proposing two six-storey rental buildings on the Halifax site. This decision comes after the city council allowed Amacon to transfer market density from its Halifax Street development to support the viability of the Halifax site, which is limited to buildings no taller than six storeys. These rental buildings will replace an aging rental building with 87 units and include both non-market and market rental units.

The displaced tenants from the Halifax site will have the option to relocate temporarily to the Rosser site until the Halifax buildings are ready for occupation. The Halifax development comprises a total of 257 rental units, including 126 market rental units, 87 units to replace those demolished, and 44 units rented at CMHC market median rates.

Furthermore, the development promises a wide range of amenities, such as a multi-purpose room, a lounge, yoga and fitness facilities, an outdoor lounge, barbecue areas, and urban agriculture spaces. The project also features a beautifully landscaped area with artificial lawn sections, bocce ball facilities, an exterior fitness space, outdoor games flex-space, and a children’s play area complete with a playground.

With these exciting plans, the transformation of Brentwood Town Centre is well underway, offering a diverse and vibrant community for both current and future residents.

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